• Recent Artwork: Untitled 

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

San Diego History Center
Exhibition Dates: July 8 – Jan 2020

Recent News

• The Studio Door has moved to the Uptown District / Hillcrest in San Diego.  My new working studio to open in December.

• Publication: Chelsea Station Edition #5 Summer Issue – Patric Stillman Interviewed by Esther McGowan of Visual AIDS
• Publication: BOSTON PRIDE GUIDE, “It’s about Time” written by Don Gorton [Released May 16, 2018]
• Publication: RFD #175 Summer Issue – featuring Court of Miracles [June 2018]

• Interview: SAN DIEGO VOYAGER – Art & Life with Patric Stillman [May 21, 2018]
• Interview: SAN DIEGO VOYAGER – Local Stories: The Studio Door [Jan 4, 2018]

• July 7, 2018 – Patric Stillman Day as proclaimed by the Mayor of San Diego
• Award: 2018 ARTIE

• Announcement: STOLEN ARTWORK

• Recent Artwork: ON CLOUD NINE
• Recent Artwork: COURT OF MIRACLES (Hibiscus of The Cockettes, Lennie Dale of Dzi Croquettes and Steven Arnold)
• Recent Artwork: FREE RADICAL (Harry Hay)

Virtual Portfolio

Showcasing the art of Patric Stillman