I love my camera as much as I love my paints. On the webpage, you'll find a small selection of my photographs.

WATER AND LIGHT • In 2015, I had the extraordinary good fortune to submit my 'Water and Light' series and have one of the works excepted to an international photographic exhibition at the Musée du Louvre in Paris. The photo, on the left, was featured as part of the documentary collection in the Fifth Annual Exposure Award in July 2015. The image was taken on top of Pike's Peak, the inspiration for the song America the Beautiful. I traveled to this location in a cog railway train in the middle of a rain storm. A memorable moment.

NEIGHBORHOOD NEON • San Diego has a tradition of neon lit neighborhood signs dating back the 1940's. Over the course of a few months, photographer and friend Jeff Caffarel joined me on an exhibition to capture the historic and new community signs. We had a good time exploring long exposure photographs that created beautiful light trails from moving cars, people and stars.