Patric Stillman and Patrick N Brown have rallied San Diego’s arts and service organizations to support a art benefit to support artists living with HIV and present free screenings of films by HIV+ African American Artists.

Postcards From The Edge – Free November workshops and multi-site benefit exhibitions will financially support Day With(out) Art, Visual AIDS and local HIV+ artists

Day With(out) Art – The film premieres at the Whitney in New York on World AIDS Day (Dec 1) and will screen in San Diego on Dec 2.  Key sponsors are POZabilities, The Studio Door and Media Arts Center San Diego.  Additional support comes from The Archive Project, Escondido Arts Partnership, FilmOut San Diego and San Diego Human Dignity Foundation.

2018 • STORIES FROM THE BRIDGE [In Progress]

Patric Stillman, along with Escondido Arts Partnership, is currently seeking funding to support a new collaborative project:

Stories From The Bridge is an immersive arts experience that bridges generational gaps in the LGBTQIA+ community.  Lead by the artist, youth will engage in oral histories with elders to better understand their own identity and connection to the history of their community. These histories will define the creation of a series of mobile murals on canvas that reflect a passing down of knowledge.  In turn, the artist will create a series of paintings based on what he has learned from working with the participating youth, which reflects what older generations have to learn from those coming of age.


Patric was raised by a father who was intensely engaged in his community by being involved in city, school, church and service organizations.  This instilled a strong personal commitment in Patric to do good works that benefit others.

During the AIDS crisis in San Francisco, Stillman became a Shanti volunteer offering practical and emotional support to people suffering from AIDS.  Later on, in San Francisco and San Diego, Stillman moved from a career in business to working in AIDS hospice and shelter.  As the Executive Director of Townspeople, he was responsible for overseeing the redevelopment of San Diego first affordable housing complex for people living with HIV and AIDS.

As an officer of the board of directors, Stillman helped to establish Media Arts Center San Diego.  The nonprofit was an outgrowth of the long running San Diego Latino Film Festival and focused on teaching youth and community members how to use social media for social justice and community activism.  He curated the Cine Gay showcase at the festival, which allowed LGBTQ community a presence within the festival, which provided dialogue and opportunities for the community.

He later joined Media Arts as a staff person to oversee the redevelopment of a building that was the blight of San Diego’s North Park community.  The facility now showcases a youth run store, 50 seat theater, three classrooms and offices for the Festival.  He also spearheaded the first year of a project called ‘Take Back Our Alley,” which has become an annual event to clean, beautify and make alleys safe in the neighborhood.

Also interested in computer video arts, Stillman took on a statewide program educating librarians and the public on how to create short first-person documentaries for social media.  With this three year program, he worked with Hoopa Valley Indians in North California, Immigrant farmer workers in Central California, Japanese-Americans who were impacted by WWII internment camps and more.  He also supported a spin off program for LGBTQ youth called Altered States, which produced a dozen stories of how religion played a role in their own coming out stories.

Before creating The Studio Door to foster artists engaging in creative commerce, he was a founding officer of The Film Consortium San Diego.  The Consortium is a social venture stimulating film and television production in the city to increase networking, employment, education, funding and distribution opportunities in film, television and new media.

With The Studio Door, he has contributed to the arts community as a teacher, a mentor, a collaborator, a benefactor and much more.

2014-Current Owner, The Studio Door
2017-Current Member Artist, Escondido Arts Partnership
2015-Current Member Artist, The San Diego Museum of Art Artist Guild
2015-Current Member Artist, Oceanside Museum of Art Artist Alliance
2017-Current Member,Athenaeum Music and Arts Library
2015-Current Member, San Diego Museum of Art
2014-Current Member, San Diego Regional Arts Coalition
2014-Current Member, GSDBA
2015-Current Board Director, North Park Main Street
2012-14 Member Artist of San Diego Art Institute – North Park
2012-14 Chair, Board of Directors of Film Consortium Foundation,
2003-14 Entrepreneur for Artist Development and Arts Initiatives (formerly Oak Grove Oracle)
2013 Executive Director of Space 4 Art
1997-2013 Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Media Arts Center San Diego