Mayoral Proclamation

Thank you to THE STUDIO DOOR studio artists Danne, Evelyn, Stefan, Dixie, Cassandra, Christina, Crisinda, Dennis and Chris for working with the City to make this happen!

WHEREAS, Patric Stillman, artist and owner of the Studio Door, has long history in faithfully and conscientiously serving the City of San Diego and its citizens through work in youth programming, cultural diversity, HIV/AIDS services, community development and the visual arts; and

WHEREAS, Patric Stillman, since moving to San Diego more than 25 years ago, has worked tirelessly sharing his wisdom and passion for the arts by promoting, presenting and mentoring many artists and arts organizations; and

WHEREAS, Patric Stillman has presented dedication to the creative marketplace and promotion of artist vision and entrepreneurship through engagement of creative commerce; and

WHEREAS, the guiding principle of The Studio Door has encouraged and fostered artists in exploring their unique artistic voices to strengthen the impact of the visual arts in San Diego; and

WHEREAS, the Studio Door has served seventeen hundred artists along with collaborations of forty community organizations to inspire the citizens of San Diego with the power of their imaginations, and create works that heal, uplift and transform the San Diego community; and

WHEREAS, Patric Stillman has been marked by exemplary commitment to the best interests of the community and the betterment of the arts in San Diego contributing to the enrichment olives and values of the arts in everyday life;

BE IT PROCLAIMED, that I, Kevin L. Faulconer, the 36th Mayor of the City of San Diego, for and on behalf of the citizens of San Diego, do hereby proclaim, July 7, 2018, to be “PATRIC STILLMAN DAY” in the City of San Diego.