The Making of The Brotherhood Tarot • Video

Deck and UV coated cards are dual sealed

Brotherhood Tarot ISBN 0-9762695-0-3
Brotherhood Tarot is in the collections of Tarot enthusiasts internationally.

“Patric Stillman’s Brotherhood Tarot filled a specific niche in the Tarot world when it came out, and expanded the available choice of decks for those reading for clients that were either gay, or connected strongly with the gay world.” (Bonnie Cehovet)

Brotherhood Tarot

Brotherhood Tarot draws inspiration from Gay history and mythology to create the ultimate masculine fantasy Tarot deck. 78 colorful cards that draw from the traditional structure of the tarot while reinventing the look with bold, colorful Radical Faerie imagery

The vault has been reopened and is shipping worldwide. Patric Stillman is selling his famed tarot deck. These are sealed decks from the original limited edition printed in 2004.

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Little White Book

BROTHERHOOD TAROT COMPANION has been updated since its first edition and is now available in a variety of formats available thru Blurb:

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