Raised in the Mid-west, Patric Stillman was taught to engage in community activities to bring people together [Read More]

"How do we connect ourselves with the world in a meaningful way, if not through creativity?" - Patric Stillman
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I am a process artist first and foremost. In the studio, I paint driven by a primal instinct to scratch, tap, and pull acrylic from my canvases. Spatial arrangement of color and the patterns of texture provide the unifying foundation for my body of work; as opposed to a specific theme or abstraction. During the act of creation, my mind essentially focuses on the contrasting effects of combining color and texture to achieve a feeling or motion. Within most of my paintings, this usually includes the illusion of encaustic that blurs, softens and creates depth upon the surface of the canvas. This provides the viewer a gentle entry point before engaging with the strength of the harder edges and lyrical abstraction that dominate the rest of the canvas.

Born in 1962 in Minnesota, Patric Stillman is a visual artist that explores the human condition through light, color and texture. In 2015, his work was exhibited at Musée du Louvre - Paris, SCOPE Miami Beach, and across Southern California. In the same year, he established The Studio Door and was commissioned by Got Milk? for Milk Loves Art, their 2016 charity program for Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times. In the April/May 2016 issue of Professional Artist magazine, he has been named Mentor of the Year for his work at The Studio Door. For twenty years, San Diego has been his home.